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About Us

We are a small business based in Dore, South Sheffield. Launched in 2011 by ex-sculptor, Adam Reynolds, our focus is on creating beautiful spaces to compliment any garden.

Our bespoke rooms are built on-site by our friendly and considerate team of two.  We leave you with a  high spec, fully insulated and plastered space, ready for you to move in to - all within 8 days.

Environmental awareness has led us to offer recycled windows and doors where possible. This not only reduces landfill but lowers the cost to you, the customer.

Adam’s previous career, as a designer and maker of large public artworks, enables him to design buildings to suit your requirements, look great and with a close attention to detail. Dave Birkett joined DGO in 2012 and brought his laidback-perfectionist attitude to the construction process. Together we pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to deliver exceptional buildings.

Dore Garden Offices have built offices, painting studios and split-use rooms but the possiblilities are endless – childrens playroom, recording studio or cinema... Our standard rooms don’t usually need planning permission but we can help with the process if required.



We use mini concrete piles with our own bespoke adjustable steel supports cast in-situ. This means we use minimal concrete which is quick and also good for the environment. It also means we can cope with sloping sites.

Timber frame

We use traditional timber frame methods to construct our buildings on-site. The floor uses 150x50mm treated timber, the walls 90x40mm and the roof timbers vary depending upon the size but is never less than 125x50mm. A waterproof breather membrane is used to stop condensation build up in the walls and make sure the weather is kept out.

No two gardens are the same and neither are our buildings – there is always something that makes them unique as we design them to suit each space. Whether you need a triangular office, a room under existing raised decking or other unusual requirement, we can deliver what you require. Thinking outside the box is one of our specialities.


Dore Garden Offices are not afraid of shouting about what we hide in our walls, floor and roofs as we use exactly what you need to make your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 80mm rigid dense insulation under the floor, in the walls and in the ceiling and then we use polystyrene-backed (15mm) plasterboard on the ceiling to help stop the loss of heat upward. Installed expertly, it leaves your room dry, cheap to heat and draught free.


As standard we use a 200mm x 20mm pressure treated softwood. It offers a soft rustic appearance, easily blends in to the garden and is a cost effective solution which will last for 20 years with minimal maintenance. We do supply other options such as cedar shingles or cladding for a contemporary feel.


Our gently sloping roof design is finished in 18mm external OSB board and then covered in a single piece of 1.5mm EPDM rubber. This great material lasts for 20 years, needs no maintenance and is enviro-ready meaning we can lay a green roof on top of it. If you are worried about running down the garden with your laptop or cup of tea in the rain, you may also want to chose one of our canopy or porch options to shelter under while you open the door.


Here at DGO we try to use recycled doors and windows where possible. This helps the environment but also your budget. It is not always appropriate or possible, though, and we can supply new UPVC or Wooden options in a range of colours and finishes. Whatever you opt for, security and heat retention are always the most important.

Internal finish

We believe that when you walk into one of our buildings, it’s as if it was another room in your house – this means that it's fully plastered and doesn’t feel like a porta-cabin or pimped shed with badly joined panels, cover strips and gaps around the ceiling. The walls look and feel solid, clean and warm and can be painted whatever colour you require for a small extra cost.

As standard we install 6mm laminate flooring with a medium colour wood grain – this means you can walk in a bit of garden before it looks dirty. Primed MDF skirting helps give the room its clean modern feel.


Just as with our wall finish, our electrics have the feel of a cosy home. 3 double sockets are fitted as standard with all the cabling in the walls. A central 3 spotlight light fitting and light switch is included in our standard price but LED downlights are another option. We undertake all the work and connect the room to your supply if required. Part P certificate can be supplied.

Optional extras

  • LED downlights
  • Porch or canopy
  • Internal Painting
  • Outdoor Light with motion sensor
  • Underfloor heating with 7 day digital controller
  • CAT5 Internet/Phone/TV cable
  • Electricity connection to house
  • Cladding options
  • Metal sockets
  • UPVC doors and windows
  • Sedum roof
  • Artificial grass roof covering
  • Landscaping
  • Split use/double entrance



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All prices ar subject to VAT

Popular room sizes

1.8m x 2.4m £3750
2.4m x 2.4m £4300
3m x 2.4m £5000
4m x 2.4m £6200
4m x 3m £7200
5m x 3.6m £10800
3m x 3m Hobbit Holes from £5000


Optional extras

Split use/double entrance from £400
LED downlights  £50 each
1m Porch or canopy from £300
Internal Painting from £80
Outdoor Light with motion sensor £80
Underfloor heating with 7 day digital controller approx £80 per sq m
CAT5 Internet/Phone/TV cable from £80 each
Electricity connection to house from £200
Cladding options – cedar cladding or shingles POA
Extra sockets £15 each
UPVC Patio Doors £500 (woodgrain £700)
Sedum roof from £520
Artificial grass roof covering £20 per sq m
Landscaping POA


Dore Garden Offices
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