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It’s a big commitment, building a garden office. We have no doubt you’ll have a lot of questions. If you don’t see the answer you need here, drop us a line.

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Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is only required for the following reasons:

  1. You would like to lift the ceiling to accept gym equipment for example – permitted development states that the building cannot be higher than 2.5m in height overall (for single pitched buildings like ours).
  2. The size is bigger than 50% of the total property area (that’s entire boundary including the garden/s).
  3. Your building would be forward of the building line at the front of the house.
  4. Possibly if your house is in a conservation area and the building was visible from the road.
  5. The PDNP has further rules – see their website for more details and we can advise on-site.

How long do garden rooms last?

We have designed our rooms to last 15-20 years. This is dependent upon factors such as exposure, maintenance and usage but DGO are confident you’ll be enjoying your room for a long time without problems.

Will there be much maintenance required?

We build our rooms to last although, like any building, it will need some maintenance now and then.

The standard cladding would benefit from a clear preservative application after 5 or 6 years.

The Cedar cladding does not need any treatment unless you want to maintain the lovely warm brown colour but that does mean you have to commit to regular treatment of UV protection oil.

Doors and windows are good quality UPVC but doors might need occasional adjustment which DGO are happy to come and do free of charge.

Are your garden rooms warm in winter?

Yes. We use 75mm rigid dense insulation under the floor, in the walls and in the ceiling, with double glazed windows and doors and then we use insulated plasterboard on the ceiling to help stop the loss of heat upward.

Whether you choose the underfloor heating or a heat pump / aircon system to be put in as an optional extra, oil filled plug in heaters or an electric fan heater, the insulation and quality of build will ensure warmth remains in the building when using it in the winter.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not.

We pride ourselves on offering fixed costs so you’ll know at the point of order exactly how much you’ll be paying on installation.

And because we do everything in house (except the painting!) there are no hidden contractor costs or add-ons.

Can you put a toilet in a garden room?

We install toilet rooms with a sink for around £2,500. This includes all sewerage works but of course is dependant upon a full drains survey (free) to make sure it is possible.

With macerating toilets, (essentially a toilet with a pump in it) it now means you can have a toilet in the garden regardless of whether its down hill of existing manholes etc.

We have installed everything from tiny toilets to fully furnished ensuite shower rooms. Just ask for options when we come and visit.

Can I get my VAT back?

There is not a clear answer to this and you should take advice from your accountant.

We have had widely differing views from professionals about it – some say its an acceptable business expense while others say you can only put internal fit out costs through.

We are happy to supply detailed invoices to support businesses re-coup what they can from VAT payments as required.

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