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We understand a project like choosing a garden room can be a daunting proposition. Our aim is to lead you through the process – with no surprises. It’s our workplace but we never forget it’s your home.

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Initial Visit

We offer a free initial site visit where we can chat informally on site about your exact needs and understand what options might be useful for you to know about in any quotation offered. We will take all the measurements we need, advise about any planning law requirements (unusual), look at site-specific issues such as restricted access, neighbourly concerns, extreme gradients and any pre-installation works required so that your quotation will be personal and precise so that you know that the quoted price will be exactly what you would pay.


We can give advice about how long a build will take once we understand the scale of the building and associated works. However, our buildings take between 5 and 15 working days to install.


We are able to quote for pre-installation groundwork such as ground levelling, removal of flower beds or old paving. You’d be surprised how little work actually needs doing before we arrive. Often existing patios can just be left down and we can build over them, removing what we need as we go. If any significant works need doing that we are unable to do we will say at the outset and try to help with contractors where possible. We try to keep everything in-house if possible so you only have one company to deal with.


We aim to make as much of the structure of the buildings in our workshop before coming onto site, to reduce disruption to you. We will just need access to a power supply. You can expect to have between 2-4 people on site at any time. The team will be happy to talk you through what they are doing as they work through the build and answer any questions you may have.

Whilst on site our team are very aware of our core value ‘To provide a professional, respectful and responsible service.’ We not only care about making sure your building is right but we also make sure we are considerate when on-site. Our team are polite, hard-working and even bring their own kettle!


We are a construction company and as such don’t undertake garden landscaping. We do however work with local landscaping companies and would be happy to put you in touch with them.

Handover and continual care

Working solely in Sheffield and the surrounding local areas enables us to offer continued care on a personal level.

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