Impressive gym and hot tub build

Impressive gym and hot tub build

Large project providing an essential resource.


Cedar, 2.6m French door set, shower-room.


6 x 3m5m x 3m gym, 1.8m x 2.4m bathroom and 3m x 3m hot tub canopy.


An interesting project where we helped to design the space to suit the exact needs of an adult who needed regular physio and conditioning work to support their recovery from a life changing event.  Taking advice from all the care-givers, we made sure the spaces would accommodate everything they needed.  

The bathroom was installed to give complete separation from the house and make everything as easy as possible for the client, the family and the health professionals. 

The hot tub doubled as a therapy tool and a relaxing family space and we hear it is getting a lot of use!